Carrara Classic

The Ancient Romans were among the most formidable architects and engineers of all time and their buildings remain standing to this day.  They sourced strong durable materials like marble quarried from Carrara.  At Mason Quartz, we have a mission to continue this tradition of creating long lasting and timeless quartz surfaces in the same vein as the builders of the Pantheon in Rome.  This temple has stood in the heart of this city since 126 AD and is adorned with the beautiful blue grey and white slabs of Carrara marble.

Our design team felt a deep need to produce a quartz surface that mirrors this famous classical marble, with thin and thick veins on a white and blue-grey background.  The result is a perfect worktop surface for any kitchen or bathroom.  This colour is also suitable for commercial restaurants settings and will stand the test of time in terms of both design and material.

If the Ancient Romans had the technology to engineer quartz, they would have used it.  A quartz surface has huge advantages from low maintenance to high flexural strength.

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