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Our exclusive Mason Quartz collection has been in development for over a decade and we have year-on-year added to each quartz colour range.  Currently we have over 50 colours divided into three ranges: Evolved, Natural and Primal.  These colour ranges were carefully selected to provide our customers with a wide palette to reflect everyone's unique personality and taste.  The Primal range reflects our fascination for beautiful and simple repeated patterns, with us since the start of the human story.  Moving up to the Natural range, our designers seek to imitate nature and the naturally occurring patterns in stone.  Our Evolved range is where we explore the heights of ingenuity, mixing natural veins found in marble, granite and limestone and joining them with the patterns in volcanic ash or the process of rain water eroding a karst landscape and turning these ideas into a quartz surface suitable for any kitchen worktop or a full bathroom.  Our quartz is used in both domestic and commercial interiors across Ireland.

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Mason Quartz is an exclusive range of quartz supplied and fitted in Ireland by Granite Tops. If you would like to see our quartz in the showroom, please call today for a viewing.

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